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October 2016 -- It's been a while, but I am resolved to make this web site awesome once more. Chopped Liver Productions has been online for over a dozen years and we used to be lively and up to date, but unfortunately most of our old videos are not viewable on Apple mobile devices. This is because way back in the olden days, Steve Jobs and the Flash format were at war. Chopped Liver Productions continues to shoulder the burden of that long-ago war.

When I succumbed to the advantages of posting on YouTube my videos became much more accessible. My challenge is to figure out how to get our old Flash videos (see the "videos" tab, above) into an acceptable format for YouTube, which will require firing up an old PC laptop that has not been updated for at least a year. Technology is a wonderful thing that makes life ever so much more convenient, and it is a terrible thing that makes life ever so much more cumbersome.

And so, I whine. But as I whine, I'm working to make our really good stuff from the past available to all, AND update the whole site. Please stay tuned.

keep breathing.

September 2015 -- With everything that's going on in the world, sometimes you can even forget to breathe. This song might help: "I Breathe In."

we're stylin' !!

June 2015 -- The ol' Chopped Liver ranch has been looking a little stale lately, and I haven't forced myself to learn any new html tricks for months now, so ta-DAAAHH! All of a sudden, Chopped Liver Productions has a little makeover action going on. It's good to throw on a new coat of paint from time to time. (This unwieldy bitch of a web site is still a hybrid of the old and new, and I'm just hoping it'll all work together.)

And now, on with the show.

there will be love.
May 2015 -- You may recall (OK, you may have no idea) that I successfully completed the great song-a-month challenge of 2014. What has been less obvious is that the song-a-month exercise seems to have continued all on its lonesome. I have been lazy about finishing up the recordings, but there are a lot of half-baked ideas still in the slow cooker.

As a matter of fact, one of them came down the chute in a big hairy hurry last week. I haven't written up its story on the song blog yet, but you can hear the song here. All of a sudden I'm writing love songs. I'm disgusted with myself.

no challenge.
March 2015 -- Even now that the song-a-month challenge of 2014 is over, the new songs keep coming. I haven't had the time to make any videos, but the new songs will be found here, apparently. There are a couple new ones that haven't even been recorded yet, so in a way, the song-a-month challenge continues. NO, NOT REALLY. But this is a fun song that was completely unexpected. Once a tune gets in my head, I just have to do something with it. This is what I did with this one. Have a listen ... if the spirit moves you.

You can read the story behind this song on the 2015 version of our songwriting blog here

snake in the grass.
January 2015 -- written to and about no one in particular

dedicated to Team Fishbowl

I may not hit the notes, but don't you love my hat? The song blog for 2015 has only just begun! Get there by clicking here.
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i breathe in
(september 2015)
"I Breathe In" is one of my favorite songs now that it's here, and I highly recommend it! It's designed to help the listener (me, I guess) seek positive thoughts in a negative world.
there will be love
(may 2015)
if the spirit moves you
(march 2015)
snake in the grass
(january 2015)
january 2014:
here it is
february 2014:
the wind
march 2014:
my vehicle, my bicycle
april 2014:
scratch my back
may 2014:
beautiful mind
june 2014:
sallie mae
july 2014:
his motorcycle
august 2014:
fighting a war
september 2014:
a day and a night in oregon
october 2014:
flight of the condor
november 2014:
if you build it
december 2014:
Janice is confused by animation software We started doing flash videos over 10 years ago, and as you can see from this sample of our video work, we've covered quite a few inspiring and/or absurd issues and events.

the sublime

the ridiculous

addicted 2 guns i can hardly wait for the day of rapture china my china*
warren, what is she good for? the mark sanford saga (in three parts) vote like a caucasian
this is why we fight sarah palin mad libs (in three parts) bp rapes the gulf
wichita fanatics sarah palin paper dolls (in two parts) exxon valdez
the oregon holocaust memorial a tea partier explains net neutrality wish you were here
walk like an egyptian don't touch me there let's go to the ronald reagan library
reconstructing rodney king rev. pat robertson explains it all


i won't grow up bush rap
flowers and bullets using my religion
yemen. let's bomb yemen. i'm the decider
war, what is it good for? love, scooter
the 14 defining characteristics of fascism, or:
george w. bush's greatest hits

* point of pride.
Our video, China My China, went viral in (of all places) China in 2009, on the 20th anniversary of the massacre at Tienanmen Square. We logged over a half million hits in July 2009!! After that, our web site was banned by the Chinese government and since that time we have gotten NO hits from China, except a few from the heart of Beijing from time to time (ni hao, comrades). Click the link and watch a video that's banned in China.
Hayward Zucchini Festival hijinx
My name is Janice Leber, and Chopped Liver Productions is a product of my fevered imagination, with help from friends, family, and other people who should learn how to say no. We produced a weekly feature of musical commentary for KPFA Berkeley for over a decade, and have been on the worldwide web since 1997. The commentaries on this page are old favorites, a few of many that have appeared on our web site over the years.
classic commentary from our archives
losing weight
Mama O'Shea 1943 "Uhuru, brothers and sisters. Asalaam alacheim. This is Mama O'Shea and we are shoutin' out and fightin' back, in our common struggle to survive."

Mama O'Shea 1993
Mama O'Shea was a mixed-race kid growing up on the mean streets during the Depression. She started on the vaudeville circuit at an early age. She discovered she had a real knack for satire.

Throughout her life she was a champion of the homeless, hopeless, and voiceless. She was a talk radio host on KPFA Berkeley for about 25 years, and her compassion and bleeding-heart liberalism beamed right through the airwaves. She was an activist, an educator, and an agitator.

This page is our tribute to Mama. We are lucky enough to have access to the existing airchecks of her weekly program, "Shoutin' Out with Mama O'Shea," and we are very, very proud to be able to host this space in loving memory of the late, great Mama O'Shea.

original air date topic & guests
April 10 1990 Media consolidation and bias, with author Norman Solomon and NBC News producer Jon Cavanaugh
Dec 14 1990 Fossil fuels -- where we're going, what we should be doing
March 30 1991 Mama gets philosophical and talks about her favorite tree up in the woods of Sonoma County.
Nov 6 1992
California's new "three strikes you're out" law
May 28 1993 Vox Populi, Mama's regularly scheduled free-for-all on any topic (part 1)
May 28 1993 Part 2 of this episode of Vox Populi
April 29 1994 Another episode of Vox Populi, Mama's most popular regular segment. Nixon's funeral was a hot topic.
Aug 12 1994 Single payer health care -- yep, we were talking about THAT in 1994. I filled in for Mama on this episode.
This is how I scared away Sasquatch.
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