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Janice Leber has broken these cool shades.
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Fall 2016 -- Behind the scenes we've been working feverishly to upgrade our old Flash videos to a format that's more mobile-friendly. It seems like every time I send somebody a link to one of my old videos, I get back a note that "that video didn't play!" And I knew it was because I had stuck with the Flash format several years too long.

Finally I got the Chopped Liver R&D Department in gear (it involves me putting on a different hat), and figured out how to bring those old videos into the new millennium. So the bottom line is, our "videos" section is all brand-new. If you ever tried to play a Chopped Liver video and it didn't work, feel free to try again. The chances of a successful viewing have improved exponentially in the last few weeks.

Click the "videos" tab above to see what I mean.