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Contragate Follies (1987)
This program played nationally on Pacifica Radio several times. It was recorded on cassette and reel-to-reel using recycled tape. Instruments included a small, cheap Casio keyboard and a kazoo.

1987 Magazine (1987)
This too was recorded on primitive equipment. Topics included Mikhail and Raisa Gorbachev's visit to the Reagan White House and other big events of 1987.

Living In A Satirical World (1989)
We won a coveted Golden Reel from the National Federation of Community Broadcast for this hour-long musical about the high points and low lifes of the era.

Welcome to the Nineties (1990)
We had the great good fortune to work during this period with the amazing Wally Fields, whose voice work and gift of mimicry are astounding. He once got Dr. Knobs laughing so hard he begged "Weird Wally" to stop impersonating Ronald Reagan so he could catch his breath.

Virtually Real (1994)
An alien arrives on Earth thinking he knows all about our planet because he's been watching our TV signals. But it turns out there are a few things TV never taught him about us.

These CDs comprised whole episodes of the best of the weekly "Chopped Liver" show from KBOO Portland.

Chopping of the President 1988
The first of our quadrennial election series, this aired on Pacifica nationally too.

Chopping of the President 1992
Clinton v. George Herbert Walker Bush, featuring Ross Perot and Dan Rather. Having listened very carefully to the campaigning voices, I came to the conclusion that by the end of September, Bush was very drunk most of the time.

Chopping of the President 1996
Clinton ("I Feel Your Pain") versus Dole ("I'm A Dull Man"). We had acquired better equipment by now and achieved a better sound.

Chopping of the President 2000
Bush v. Gore -- and I assumed Gore would win the whole time, even while covering the seesaw decisions about the Florida recount.

Chopping of the President 2004
Bush v. Kerry -- that was a heartbreaker too. By this time all our audio was produced digitally but much of it was available online with an accompanying video, which made us question why we were still producing CDs.
The Last Liver of the Millennium (1999)
Here's a list of all the CDs we released over the years, mostly compiled of clips from our weekly radio show, "Chopped Liver."
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