copyright 2014                Janice Leber, Chopped Liver Productions
television   (a poem)
TELEVISION is burning up
the rain forest of my mind:
          a rich green undergrowth of subconscious
          smothering in commercial jingles,
               reeking devastation
               to my entire ecosystem.

TELEVISION is eating up
     the ozone layer of my mind:
          a thick protective layer of discrete logic
          withering in the glow of the cathrode ray
               and its only function,
               narcotizing dysfunction.

TELEVISION is poisoning
      the oceans of my mind:
          a vast cool sea of initiative
          surrending to toxic diversions
               thief of my money,
               thief of my time.
This poem was released as a song on our CD "Virtually Real" in 1995.
by Janice Leber

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