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Mama O'Shea 1943

"Uhuru, brothers and sisters. Asalaam alacheim. This is Mama O'Shea and we are shoutin' out and fightin' back, in our common struggle to survive."

Mama O'Shea 1993
Mama O'Shea was a mixed-race kid growing up on the mean streets during the Depression. She started on the vaudeville circuit at an early age. She discovered she had a real knack for satire.

Throughout her life she was a champion of the homeless, hopeless, and voiceless. She was a talk radio host on KPFA Berkeley for about 25 years, and her compassion and bleeding-heart liberalism beamed right through the airwaves. She was an activist, an educator, and an agitator.

This page is our tribute to Mama. We are lucky enough to have access to the existing airchecks of her weekly program, "Shoutin' Out with Mama O'Shea," and we are very, very proud to be able to host this space in loving memory of the late, great Mama O'Shea.

original air date topic & guests
April 10 1990 Media consolidation and bias, with author Norman Solomon and NBC News producer Jon Cavanaugh
Dec 14 1990 Fossil fuels -- where we're going, what we should be doing
March 30 1991 Mama gets philosophical and talks about her favorite tree up in the woods of Sonoma County.
Nov 6 1992
California's new "three strikes you're out" law
May 28 1993 Vox Populi, Mama's regularly scheduled free-for-all on any topic (part 1)
May 28 1993 Part 2 of this episode of Vox Populi
April 29 1994 Another episode of Vox Populi, Mama's most popular regular segment. Nixon's funeral was a hot topic.
Aug 12 1994 Single payer health care -- yep, we were talking about THAT in 1994. I filled in for Mama on this episode.