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We watched on CNN as China's vibrant, exhilarating student movement blossomed before our eyes in the spring of 1989. The Chinese government pulled the plug on foreign news coverage, but the eyes of the world remained focused on events unfolding in Beijing's Tiananmen Square.

The sound you hear in this video is a highly edited version of a 14-minute radio piece that aired on KPFA Berkeley soon after the crackdown, created mostly from video we recorded as the events were going down.

We created this Flash video in remembrance of the 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre. You may be interested to notice how often American ideals are invoked by the Chinese protesters. This video is dedicated to the spirit of hope that, despite seemingly insurmountable odds, cannot be stifled in China. (Sources: Associated Press, CBS News, Reuters)

UPDATE, June 5 2010: Last year we here at Chopped Liver Productions witnessed a jaw-dropping spike in visitors to our web page a few weeks after we posted this heartfelt video, which details the events leading up to and following the massacre at Tiananmen Square in Beijing. We discovered most of the hits on our site came from China. We were happily surprised that Chinese visitors were able to watch the Tiananmen Square video. Through the summer, China continued to supply some of our most loyal followers.

No more. Apparently Chopped Liver Productions is now banned in China. We have the statistics to prove it.

For all our faults, my fellow Americans, at least we are free to make a poignant point without the government shutting us down. We may have an economic meltdown and oil lapping up on our beaches, but we are able to speak out. The First Amendment rocks.