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this is why we fight (2011)

This is a love letter to the people of Egypt, Tunisia, Wisconsin, Wall Street, Portland, Oregon, and anywhere else that ordinary citizens are standing up and fighting corporate greed and financial enslavement.

Why do we fight? Look around. Look at America. Anything you see worth fighting for? This is why we fight. Here is the original writeup:

May 1 2011: It feels like America is scratching and clawing its way to a season of peaceful but fervent revolution. The old guard is becoming increasingly reactionary and blatantly racist, but the arc of history bends toward justice. We just have to keep on fighting because that's all we have to do to eventually win. We only lose when we give up.

The lyrics of this song by the Decemberists are so powerful, I felt obliged to do my own version with a video. In the future, when people ask me why I get so worked up about the environment and stuff, I'll just point them to this video. I hope it gives someone inspiration to keep up the good fight.