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wichita fanatics (1991 & 2010)

Back in 1991 we recorded a song, "Wichita Fanatics" (to the tune of "Wichita Lineman"), about Operation "Rescue"'s harassment of Dr. George Tiller's clinic. We used the old song to produce this video tribute, and along the way, with profound grief and regret, got an idea of how much America lost with his death.

We mourn with the Tiller family, the Wichita community, and the women of America. This is a loss from which it will be difficult to recover. But George Tiller faced enormous obstacles and continued to do what he thought was right. We are challenged to do the same.

UPDATE April 1 2010: PRO-LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE. A good, clean-living Christian murderer goes to prison. I almost choked when I heard one of Scott Roeder's friends speak up for him, saying, "Outside this one action he has a clean record."

"This one action," apparently, is wacko David Leach's word for MURDER. A murder committed in front of horrified men, women, and children attending CHURCH in Wichita one beautiful Sunday last year.

There are people who believe Scott Roeder was a hero for stalking and killing a beloved father, grandfather, husband, churchgoer, doctor. Then there are people like me, who still feel a profound despair over the loss of George Tiller. And we -- by which I mean ME -- hold a grudge, especially against people so terribly proud of the murder they have committed. No regrets, Scott.

I'm sure he will feel no regrets for his actions over the many, many years to come as he rots in his well-deserved prison cell. I guess that's all right. I will feel his regrets for him.