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Janice is confused by animation software
We started doing web
videos in 2004, and we've
covered quite a few
inspiring and/or absurd
issues and events.
the sublime the ridiculous historic
addicted 2 guns i can hardly wait for the day of rapture china my china*
this is why we fight the mark sanford saga exxon valdez
the oregon holocaust memorial don't touch me there reconstructing rodney king
anti-war our waste, from us to you flowers and bullets
war, what is it good for? darlene let's go to the ronald reagan library
i won't grow up carry on wish you were here
yemen. let's bomb yemen. love, scooter wichita fanatics
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instant copy detainee
* point of pride.
Our video, China My China, went viral in (of all places) China in 2009, on the 20th anniversary of the massacre at Tienanmen Square. We logged over a half million hits in July 2009!! After that, our web site was banned by the Chinese government and since that time we have gotten NO hits from China, except a few from the heart of Beijing from time to time (ni hao, comrades). Click the link and watch a video that's banned in China.

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