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church is a wall

church is a wall
janice leber 2016

The church is a wall between me and my family.
God is a moat between me and my friends.
They feel the stain of satan is on me.
They fear my faithlessness,
That's how it ends.

I tried to believe, but it dawned on me slowly
as I prayed for their god to put faith in my heart
I could not make sense of the tales laid before me
I could not believe, and that set me apart.

I am alone on a fact-driven island.
I'm set adrift on a skeptical sea.
Their holy father has left me an orphan
but this is how god (if there is one) made me.

about the song

Yeah, well, Christians, this is how you make us feel. You believe in a big dude in the sky who has the power to ease suffering and will not, you talk to him by kneeling and thinking about it real hard, and if he doesn't help you out it's YOUR fault because you didn't believe hard enough ...

... and I'M the FREAK?!?

I have been confronted by well-meaning, loving Christians who can't imagine how I can not believe in this bizarre construct -- indeed, I have been asked what the point of living is without it -- but I have NEVER challenged a believer to defend their faith. All I do is think, "The church is a wall between us." I wish it could be different. Sigh.