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everyone is forgiven


everyone is forgiven
janice leber 2016

Everyone is forgiven, nobody is to blame
For who you are, or why you're here
It all works out the same.
No, you can't try to stop it
You were born into a universal game

and all you can do is smile when you can
and try not to worry when fate ruins your plan
you build it up again
you give it hope again
you've got to trust in your own strength, my friend
whether you know it or not, you are amazing.
You are amazing, yes you are.

I can't give you no answers, I'm as confused as you
but I am weary of asking questions where no reply rings true
I believe there is no "great order,"
we're all here muddling through

and all we can do is smile when we can
and try not to worry when fate ruins our plan
we build it up again
we give it hope again
we've got to trust in our own strength, my friend
whether we know it or not, we are amazing.
We are amazing, yes we are.

writing the song

I was a depressed, lonely, messed-up little college sophomore, and I had a lot of problems that were everybody else's fault. So how did I come to write this song back then? I can't possibly imagine. That was over four decades ago, and the memory of coming up with it is lost in the mists of time. I can only hope that I've come somewhat closer in the intervening years to really living the thoughts of this song.

It started out on the guitar and I only played it in public once, in 1975. But unlike a whole lot of songs I wrote around that time, I never forgot this one. I think it has a lesson I still need to learn.