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no regrets (psychopath's lullaby)


no regrets (psychopath's lullaby)
janice leber 2017

No regrets. I left no fingerprints.
You'll find no evidence to convict me.
No regrets. Nobody saw me do it.
Nobody knows I did it, and I will never tell
and I sleep very well.

No regrets. I left no witnesses.
They'll find no evidence to convict me,
and I sleep sweetly.

No doubts, no debts,
I live with no regrets.

about the song

I've often wondered why people say they have no regrets. How can you live more than an hour in this world and not have regrets? Well, I figured, it's not that hard if you're a psychopath. The only regret you'd have might be if somebody caught you doing something the world says is "wrong." But you wanted it, and you're a psychopath, so clearly it is NOT "wrong."

I wrote this song a year before the 2016 election and did not think of it as a political song at all. I always wanted to do a video of it, and even coaxed a very charismatic friend to play the psychopath in my video. But things happened and we didn't get around to shooting the video.

Suddenly, right around the 2017 inauguration, I realized the song was about the new president. So I hope someday I'll make a video with my charismatic friend because he is a lot of fun and easy on the eyes, unlike the central character in this video. This jackass will never be my president and I will resist his fascistic pronouncements every step of the way.