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snake in the grass


snake in the grass
janice leber 2018

You're a snake in the grass.
Who do you think you are, mister?
You're a snake in the grass,
You assaulted my sister
And I'm making sure the whole world knows who you are.

You're a snake in the grass,
The word is getting around
You're a snake in the grass,
Your name is dead in this town.
Run your game again, yeah, you won't get very far.

You had your way and you did your thing
But those days are long gone.
Anyone who comes anywhere around you gets a warning.

That you're a snake in the grass,
With your limited charm,
You're a snake in the grass,
You mean nothing but harm
As long as I'm around the world will know who you are,
Know your heart. Know your heart.
Know your cold, cold heart.

about the song

So, you're sitting there reading your Facebook feed, when you suddenly find out that somebody you've known for a while, someone you occasionally respected, is a rapist. Don't you hate when that happens?

That's why this song was written, but I was never really inspired to make an accompanying video until the #metoo movement took fire in 2017. Well, the actual impetus was getting a message from a stranger asking about that rapist I used to know. All I know about him now is that he's a snake in the grass.