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space candy


space candy
janice leber 2016

I've got some space candy in my pocket.
Would you like a taste?
We mustn't let it go to waste.
I've got some space candy in my pocket.
I got it down the block.
I go down the block a lot.

I can tell you with authority
it's superior to earth candy.
Alien technology, it works for me!

I've got some space candy in my pocket.
You can have some too
See what it can do for you.

I can tell you with impunity
it's safe and tasty and it grows on trees.
Alien technology will set you free!

I had some space candy in my pocket,
but I've run out of stock.
Let's take a walk around the block.
Let's take a walk around the block.

about the song

As residents of Portland, Oregon, we've become accustomed to legal marijuana. And one day we heard that a shop just down the street had a strain called "Space Candy." We loved the name and decided to get a taste of space candy.

As we were walking back home from the friendly neighborhood weed shop, I was delighted by the idea that I had space candy in my pocket. I imagined I was Fred Astaire doing a novelty number, and at that point the song wrote itself.

There are plenty of space-themed establishments in Portland, from the Space Bar to UFO Pizza (and beyond!), and I considered doing a video of spacey storefronts. But I also thought it would be fun to have stick figures act it out with an alien. I figured out how to shift perspective doing this animation, and even though it is super clunky, it surely did work. It won't be this clumsy next time. I could point out quite a few even clumsier elements of which I am less than proud, but I'm going to save all that for the Commentary Reel. Meanwhile, here's hoping that you too have space candy in your pocket.