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too much perfume

too much perfume
janice leber 2017

You're wearing too much perfume.
I can smell you from a block away.
You're wearing too much perfume.
That's all I have the breath to say.

I'm sittin' in my garden, tryin' to drink my coffee,
take a bite of raspberry beignet,
but all I taste is perfume,
that horrible perfume you poured on yourself today.

You underestimate its power.
It lingers for an hour.
You just walked by, now I must shower.
Everyone can smell you. Somebody should tell you

You're wearing too much perfume.
You'd think that you'd be able to tell.
You're wearing too much perfume.
I believe you've killed your sense of smell.

It's louder than a freight train, brighter than a sunbeam,
all you really need is less than a drop
but you're wearing too much perfume
Oh for god's sake please, for god's sake please,
Please please please please stop!

about the song

I don't even remember writing this crazy thing. I just started singing it as I walked down the street after recovering from somebody's fumes in early 2016.