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here it is

Right: Here it is ... finally!

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the January song was unable to make an appearance until February. But it's a really nice song, so I'm sure you'll agree it's totally worth the wait.

This is not a new song; it was written for my spousal unit, Dr. Knobs, in 1983 (the year we were married) -- but it's also a love song to the earth and all the inhabitants thereupon and that includes you. I have never released this song publicly until now, and that's a shame since it's about you and stuff.

Every image in this video is from our old photos and adventures together since we met in 1978. You're right: we're very, very old.


here it is
janice leber 2014

For so long, I've been wanting to sing to you
For so long, there's so much I want to bring to you

Here it is, all that I am
take me up into your hand
I am a shell upon the beach, I am a leaf upon the tree
I am a feather on the bird, I am a sparkle on the sea
I'm here to bare my life, I'm here to share my life

Here it is, all that we are
circling 'round some minor star
we are the clouds that paint the sky,
we are two fish who share the sea
we are rays of golden sunlight
we are wildflowers, you and me
we're here to give love life, come help me live my life.

writing the song
I wrote this song so long ago that the process of writing it is a little hazy in my mind. I remember struggling through the first section, "For so long ..." because what I was saying was that I didn't know what to say. But the very minute I put the major seventh chords together for "Here it is, all that I am," the rest of the song fell out of my heart and right into place without much effort and didn't even need much tweaking.

I stole those major seventh chords from Paul Simon's "Old Friends" off the "Bookends" album. I had kept those chords in the back of my mind for years, waiting for an opportunity like this.

As for the sentiment of the song -- I love that guy. I really do. I'm also very fond of planet Earth, and you're not so bad yourself.

inspired by nature
When I listen to this song, the thing that jumps out to me is how much nature inspires me. I have sat in the forest and listened to the birds and thought, "This must be what inspired Mozart." That setting is my own personal church.

I didn't realize how strongly I was drawn to themes of nature until I was sitting in my sister's living room. My sister is an amazing artist -- she's so good I felt completely inadequate trying to do any kind of art at all as a kid. Her home is filled with beautiful, unique paintings and projects, and she was trying to decide what to paint on a cabinet she'd been thinking about. I suggested a tree full of fruit and birds and she said, "No, I was thinking about a city skyline, maybe at night."

I was surprised to notice that the notion of doing a non-natural scene was completely unexpected. It had never crossed my mind to do a city skyline, when you could be painting leaves and birds.

This song is an extension of my nature-centric tendencies. Sometimes I think it's crammed with metaphors, and then I think, "No, I really AM a sparkle on the sea." As Carl Sagan would say, we are star stuff. That makes us heavenly. It makes us divine.

Which brings us to this bit of sublimity: